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CLAN's centres in Aberdeen, Inverurie, Elgin, Crimond, Shetland and Orkney are now open on the following days.

CLAN Aberdeen– Tuesday and Wednesday - 10:00am to 3pm

CLAN Elgin – Tuesday and Thursday - 10am to 4pm

CLAN Crimond – Tuesday and Wednesday - 10am to 4pm

CLAN Inverurie – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 10am to 4pm

CLAN Shetland – Monday and Wednesday - 10am to 4pm

CLAN Orkney - Monday and Tuesday - 10am to 4pm

All centres are open on an appointment basis, please email services@clanhouse.org to book your appointment or call your local CLAN centre.

Through our network of CLAN in community centres and outreach facilities, we provide wellbeing and practical support to people affected by cancer, their family, supporters and friends. Services are freely offered to all from pre-diagnosis and diagnosis through treatment and beyond. CLAN aims to support people to reduce anxiety, stress and to increase their ability to cope with the side effects of a serious illness.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that we can provide support to anyone of any age, offering comfort during what can be a difficult time.

If you are new to CLAN, please fill in the new client form on the sidebar and send to services@clanhouse.org so that we can provide the best support to you.

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