Friends of CLAN

Friends Of Clan

Friends of CLAN groups are coordinated by a committee of volunteers, who meet on a regular basis to organise their events throughout the year.

Members seek innovative and fun ways to raise funds and get their local communities involved.

The first Friends of CLAN was established in Aberdeen around 1992 and it has successfully fundraised and brought in vital income for CLAN over this period. Some fifteen years later in 2007, the Friends of CLAN model expanded with the establishment of services in the community.

These local groups play a vital part not only in raising funds but also in raising awareness of CLAN and its services available locally and in other areas.

The Friends of CLAN also provide a valuable opportunity for local community members and former clients to get involved and to experience the reward of giving something back.

As the saying goes, “many hands make light work” so the more volunteers recruited to the Friends of CLAN will allow for the distribution of tasks and make the organisation and running of the events a lot smoother.

To find out more about joining a Friends of CLAN group please contact us.

Friends of CLAN Inverurie

We're the newest Friends of CLAN group – look out for our exciting upcoming events.

Friends of CLAN Aberdeen

We organise the Friends of CLAN sales table within CLAN House which is stocked with various donated goods including cards, knitting, books, gifts and more!

Friends of CLAN Stonehaven

We currently organise 4 or 5 events a year, including bag packs, quiz nights, afternoon teas, and we volunteer at the Stonehaven Half Marathon.

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