CLAN Sunday Sofa Quiz

9 F2 A8520

While CLAN House remains closed, we have moved some of our much-loved fundraising events online!

Join us for CLAN's Sunday Sofa Quiz on Sunday 6th December from 8pm!

Tickets cost £3 including booking fee.

Entry into our NEW CASH JACKPOT ROUND is an additional £2.

Join us this Sunday at 8pm for three fun-filled interactive quiz rounds!

Are you a budding mastermind? An egghead in the making? Would you have gone all the way on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'?

Join CLAN Cancer Support to put your money where your mouth is and prove who has the biggest brain!

All you need to join the quiz is access to your Facebook account and some spare change. For just £3 per device we will give you access to our private quiz Facebook Group where come Sunday we will test your trivia knowledge and sort out the clever clogs from the bird brains.

Prize - Ultimate bragging rights and free entry into the next quiz!

We are delighted that this week's quiz is sponsored by HUSTLE BEAUTY

We also have the Cash Jackpot Quiz - which will bea seperate exclusive round on Sunday and is an additional £2 per device to enter. 12 questions in 12 minutes - get them all right and you will win a share of the JACKPOT - if noone wins then the Jackpot rolls over to the next quiz!

50% of ticket entry to Round 4 goes direct to CLAN - the other 50% goes into the Jackpot Round.

Please note, entry is per device. If you have two people in your household and you’d like to play separately please pay for two devices. If you’d like to play together on one device, you only need to pay for one entry. Please note spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

You'll be on your sofa and together we can all raise vital funds for CLAN Cancer Support,

Book now for Sunday 6th December 2020!

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